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Pupil Testimonials - Dynamic Driving School Isleworth

Feedback for our Isleworth Driving School received from pupils we helped to pass the driving test:

Sonal, Hounslow

I was over the moon when I passed my driving test today; all thanks to Shamim!

She has always guided me and helped me exceptionally. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor, she was always so friendly, encouraging and made me feel at ease!

I was quite nervous when I first started my lessons but eventually with time, Shamim helped me build up my confidence and made driving fun and enjoyable!

She always answered any queries I had and explained everything I needed to know in the most simplest terms!

I would definitely recommend Dynamic Driving to my friends and family!

Thank you once again Shamim! I couldn't have done it without you!

Rajina, Hanworth

I would recommend this driving company to everyone as they are very efficient and communicates well, also they are flexible! :)

I personally enjoyed my lessons with Sham, she is very easy going and makes the lessons fun as well as teaches very well.

She had patience with me and made sure I learnt everything I needed to know to pass.

Meera, Hounslow

I am glad I took my classes with Shamim, who was just BRILLANT, with lot of patience and understanding. She is a wonderful instructor, I wouldn't have passed without her support and encouragement.

I would definitely recommend shamim and once again shamim thank you very much for all your support.

Radhika, Hounslow

Hi Shamim,

I am really feeling happy & excited for passing the car practical test in FIRST ATTEMPT with dynamic driving.

As I've changed two instructors – AA & other private instructor, but none of them have build the confidence levels, not correcting my mistakes in manoeuvres & practically not cooperative with lesson timings.

Fortunately, through one of my friend's instructor we heard about you & thought of giving a go with you too..! But, you have met my expectations in the first class itself, so I've decided that you are a good instructor & booked 10 classes in one stretch.

Really to be honest, you have corrected my mistakes, taught so many easiest tips in manoeuvres, builded up the required level of confidence to give the test & also your flexible timings with lessons (whereby I can plan accordingly with my son's play school timings), which made me to book the practical test.

During the day of the practical test, you have given me enough time to warm up, practised well with all the manoeuvres & reached the test centre WITHOUT any nervousness. So, I've given the test with full confidence & positivity, whereby I've successfully PASSED the test with only FOUR minor mistakes.

Hence, you have a boosted a girl's confidence from nothing to maximum and I believe that you have got an extraordinary talent as an instructor.

Therefore, I would recommend you to everyone confidently, whoever is interested in car driving.

My whole hearted thankful to me because of making my life easier & mobile with the car in this country.

Much appreciated for all your kind cooperation.

Kind Regards

Sarah, Heston

Woohoo!!! I passed my test first time. A big thankyou to Sham who taught me everything i didn't know, from my very first lesson to my last. I couldnt have asked for a better driving instructor. I would recommend dynamic driving to anybody that would like good quality driving lessons. Dynamic driving will give you confidence, a great understanding of the road and will motivate you to succeed.

Thankyou again.

Mary, Bedfont

I couldn't have asked for more! Absolutely amazing!! What can I say?! I absolutely loved my Driving School experience with Shamim ending in a first pass with very few minors at Ashford driving test - Middlesex. My driving instructor Shamim couldn't have made me feel any more comfortable and confident in my own abilities, she is different for the following reasons:

  • She is motivational
  • Makes you understand driving rather than simply instructing you how to drive
  • Very accommodating to your schedule
  • Honest in her opinion about your driving skills
  • Listens to your inhibition about driving and helps you overcome the same

I would recommend anyone and everyone to join this dynamic driving school, if all the instructors are as encouraging as mine!

Thanks so much again Shamim!!! X

Patrick, Heston

I passed my test today (first try) thanks to Dynamic Driving! My instructor Mitesh was a friendly and patient instructor. He's the best instructor I've ever used. If you lot want to pass go to Dynamic Driving - professional and patient/friendly instructors!

Thanks again Dynamic Driving.

Ruby, Isleworth

I passed my driving test and it was all thanks to Shamim. I couldn't have done it without her. She was patient, understanding, trusting and most of all enthusiastic (even on my bad days). She taught me everything I needed to learn and more. She creates a calm, relaxing and friendly environment, making even the most nervous of beginners at ease. I can't praise her enough. It would be a mistake to not go to her first!


Dear shamim

The examiner took me to central avenue and he asked to do corner reverse, it took me 4 mins as there was car coming. Anyways he asked me to independent driving to central London hammersmith, it was really easy to do dat. He was great, actually I did know what I was doing thanks a lot to you shamim, your the best ever instructor, your really helpful and great teacher. It was my first time pass, it was brilliant - really really happy.

Thanks a lot to you xxxx

Bharat Nakarja

My lessons at Dynamic Driving School have been understandable, enjoyable and perfectly comfortable. I would like to thank Sham my driving instructor, for teaching me these last couple of months resulting in a first time pass! I appreciate all the effort she's put in for me to be the best and safest driver on the roads. Definitely couldn't have done it without the help of Dynamic Driving!

Thank you so much for everything Sham!!

Matt - Bedfont

The eight hours of lessons paid off in the end, my driving instructor and neighbour shamim helped me every step of the way giving me all the help I could ask for with my lessons. Everything was explained clearly and repeated to make sure I understood, after being told by sham that my driving was excellent I applied for my practical test and within 2 and a half weeks after my 17th birthday.

I passed my practical test with a clean sheet of no faults/minors. I highly recommend dynamic driving to anyone and everyone who wishes to pass their practical test first time, my test results was all down to Sham and how well everything was explained and the feedback I got helping me along the way. As well as being taught well I didn't feel as if I was sat in a class room being told what to, I felt relaxed when learning even before the test.

So there we have it, thanks ever so much to Shamim and the Dynamic Driving School for helping me pass my practical. Glad to be out on the road and feeling safe!

Elizabeth - Feltham

Hello Sham,

Thank you for your helping me pass my test. You are a brilliant teacher: you are patient, kind and understanding. l will recommend you to all my friends. You gave me confidence on the road - you are a good instructor.

Let me know when you will available to take you for lunch. Thanks once again

Zar - Hounslow

This is a email which represent about the Dynamic driving company,

Expert driving instructors here to help you step by step how to pass your driving test.Driving lessons course is an ideal way to refresh skills and ensure that learners get the best out of your practice sessions.

I have pass my driving Practical test for the first time because of my intelligent driving instructor Shamim who help me to learn properly and she has been great teacher to me. I am impress and proud. My information is that, take advice " PASS 'QUICK' WITH DYNAMIC.

I have thanks you, my instructor Shamim enough for making learning to drive such an amazing experience.

The company designed to give you the very best chance of passing your test and will help turn you into a safe and confident driver.

Laila - Whitton

I'm very happy, I just passed my test at my first attempt. I want to say many thanks to my fantastic lovely instructor shamim! She's very nice woman, she's organised, flexible, amazing; when explain I prefer her to every one.

Abby - Hanworth

My special appreciation go to Sham who came to my rescue just few days before my practical test for the third time.

I originally had all my lessons with another instructor but unfortunately, his techniques and methods of teaching were too complicated for me to follow and as a result of this, I failed 2 tests and was very worrying about my third one. Sham explained situation to me and she assured me that everything will be fine.

I had 2 days of practices with and I noticed a very big difference with her methods and techniques. All my weaknesses became so easy for me to do. I pass on my third time due Sham that came to my survival at the last minute. I wish that I have had all my lessons with her from the first time that I started learning as I believe that I would have pass my practical long time ago.

I will definitely recommend people to Sham as I believe that she's a fantastic training teacher.

Gagan - Osterley

My driving lessons with Sham were very methodical and comprehensive. She was a very calm and patient driving instructor who was always able to answer any questions that I had so that my mistakes could be swiftly rectified. I very much enjoyed my lessons and I am now a confident driver. I would definitely recommend Dynamic Driving to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!

Mrs Aayshah Adnan - Hounslow

I wanted to say a big thanks to Dynamic Driving for making me achieve this target. I had a great pleasure learning with superb instructor Shamim. She was very calm in teaching and patiently accepted my mistakes and identify them right on time. I must say, that Dynamic Driving has a unique systematic way of teaching their learners which eventually lead to their success.

I took 20 lessons on automatic emission and passed my test 1st time and definitely credit goes to my lovely instructor Shamim who made me learn every single thing in details (reference points) patiently and politely.

I had a memorable time with her which will always be remembered while I am driving and passing those roads.

Thanks n good luck to dynamic driving specially Shamim!

Dava Subramanian - Hounslow

Shamim is a very friendly teacher. She gave very good, clean and sharp reference points for the manoeuvre and position of your vehicle. I quite enjoyed the lessons with her. Never ever feel nervous with her.

If you made any mistake, she always correct it with friendly manner. She boosted my confident lot. Thanks lot for her I think if you learn with her, the PASS is guarenteed.

Sahiti- Heston

First I would like to thank you very much for all your help to make me pass my test.

Shamim, you are the best. When I heard from my friends how thier instructors were impatient with them, I really thanked god that I had a wonderful instructor like you. You been really patient to me all the time. You are friendly, helpful and professional. I have really enjoyed your teaching. Never feel any stress with your company. You motivated me and helped me to build my confidence.

Today I have passed my test that's only beacuse of you.

Sarina Sood - Hanworth

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Dynamic Driving School; lessons were fun, full of encouragement and I passed my test first time!

Thank you!

Safa - Feltham

Thank you for all the lessons i had with dynamic driving i was able to pass my driving test :)

my driving instructor Shamim was an excellent driving instructor and explained everything to me very well, she helped build my confidence when driving and answered any questions i had. I always looked forward to my driving lessons with Shamim and enjoyed my lessons very much.

I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends and i am glad i chose Dynamic Drving for my driving lessons. Thank you for helping me PASS!!!!

Haseena - Hounslow

I am quite excited passing my driving test with Dynamic. My instructor Shamim had a systematic way of teaching. She was quite swift in identifying my mistakes and helped me to rectify them in a calm manner. I did not feel driving stressful, thanks to Shamim.

I would recommend dynamic and specifically Shamim for a smooth ride!!!!

Salma - Hounslow

i just passed my driving test recently on first attempt, am very glad that i took lessons from shamim my driving instructor . she was quite professional and helpful, i enjoyed every lesson with her and even though i made mistakes she encouraged me lot. She is always happy to answer my questions, my experience with her was quite good and i am recommending her to my friends too who are interested in driving lessons.


Sonia - Hounslow

I found that I always looked forward to the lessons I had with Shamim. Not only was she a very skilled, patient and professional instructor but also charismatic, outgoing and supportive. I never thought to look for an instructor with those sorts of traits but am truly grateful that I did find one. Lessons were taught with the highest of standards and I found myself telling my friends about my lessons because they were so engaging.

My driving lessons are an experience that was unforgettable and because of Shamim I don't think I would have past my driving test. I have no doubts that I would definitely recommend Dynamic Driving to anyone who was looking for a worthwhile driving instructor.


I still remember the first time I had my first driving lesson. Being behind the steering wheel for the first time can be pretty scary but after having a couple of lessons, I was feeling more confident.

I chose automatic driving because it is not as complicated as manual.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful and lovely driving instructor. I can honestly say she is the reason why I passed my driving test on the first attempt (with only two minor faults). She not only guided me but she also helped me build my confidence.

I had a wonderful experience.

Parvin - Hounslow

Learning to drive with Dynamic Drving School made it easier for me to understand what the examiners wanted from me on the day of my exam.

The instructors have a lot of patience which is a key to teaching and learning. On top of that they are easy to work with.

I would recommend for everyone to start learning how to drive with Dynamic Driving School and see for yourself what they have to offer...

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